Outdoor Solar Lights – Some of the Many Possible Uses

When thinking of outdoor solar lights, many people think of solar street lights, flood lights, spot lights or lighting of private road entrances. There are more types of outdoor solar lighting available on the market. In fact, the choice is so big that there is no excuse to keep using conventional lighting that involves wiring to your residential electric system. Beside the savings in running costs and the energy efficiency, solar lighting can be easily implemented in places that would be cost-prohibitive if you had to hire an electrician to do the job. Here are some outdoor solar lighting ideas which can be implemented in no time

Floating solar lights

These solar lights can be used to decorate your swimming pool. They can also be placed in fountains, ponds or any water feature you can think of. They don’t have to be used only in your pool, most of the time they come with ground stakes so they can serve as garden lights. As you can see solar floating lights offer a versatile, easy and affordable way to provide illumination to your outdoors.

Solar step lights

In addition to safety, these outdoor solar lights also provide decoration to your decks, stairs and pathways. They produce a dim lighting which is less invasive than solar spot lights. They produce enough light to easily find your way even in very dark places.

Solar accent lights

It is very important to well position outdoor accent light in your garden. Not only they provide illumination for functional purposes, they can also light-up objects, structures, trees and plants.

With so many choices for outdoor solar lights, it can be quite difficult to select the right ones. The important thing is to get a style and design you feel comfortable with, but other factors have to be taken into consideration. Here are a few tips about what you should be looking for.

– First, make sure the outdoor solar lights you buy have ultra bright LEDs (light emitting diodes) rather than traditional bulbs, for the following reasons:

solar led lights singapore use very little power, this is important because your solar powered lights power supply will be produced by Ni-Cad or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. The solar cells on the top of the light pickup sunlight during daylight, and transfer it to the rechargeable batteries to power the lights during the night. The less power your solar powered lights consume, the longer they will be able to operate.

LEDs last longer, in optimal conditions they can have a life-span of 100.000 hours. You’ll probably never need to replace the LEDs during the lifetime of your outdoor solar lights.

LEDs are more durable than fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. They are electronic component without any moving part.

LEDs are safe and gentle to the environment. Contrary to fluorescent lights, they are not made with mercury or other toxic elements.

– Second, buy solar outdoor lights that are made with heavy-duty and non-corrosive materials. Your solar lights must be able to resist the toughest weather conditions. Bear in mind that is is advisable to store your solar powered lights inside the house during winter.

Should You Buy a Property in Thailand?

South East Asia has always had a special appeal for me. I first began spending time there about 5 years ago. I love the organised chaos of the roads in Bangkok, the food that is cooked right in front of you, and the haggling at the markets. Amazing.

Altogether I have spent over 3 months in Thailand and I have so many fond memories, add to that the fact that it is halfway to Australia and QANTAS offers a stopover of only 45 minutes which gets you to Oz quicker. It’s a great destination.

I usually spend a week stopover on the way back to the UK. It gives me a break after 2 gruelling weeks with the family and friends and the 2 hour massages for around £7. What more could you want? 🙂

So naturally l thought if I’m spending so much time here l might as well buy a property. Then naturally if I am prepared to buy and have done extensive research why wouldn’t my investors also buy as well?

Having looked into Phuket property before the tsunami, I thought I would check out Pattaya (pronounced “Pat-e-ya”) which is only around 1 hour 20 minutes drive from the new international airport in Bangkok (the capital).

Pattaya is a seaside town (tick-These ticks and crosses are my due diligence) with a new highway which will mean it will only take around 45 minutes to get to and from the airport. (tick).

Pattaya has 3 distinct property markets.

The first is the local market. The properties are priced between 1 and 3 million Baht (70 Baht to £1) So £15,000 – £45,000. Sounds good right. Well maybe not. Unless you are a local it’s unlikely you would buy at this level.

You could only rent to locals and the investment returns I don’t feel would be great enough. (Cross)

The second and most interesting market is the 20 to 30 million Baht. £285,000 – £430,000. Incredible you say? Well thats what I thought too. In fact forget incredible — l was downright shocked. But this is the market of the off plan speculators. In my books, another word for ‘speculator’ is ‘gambler’ and hopefully you know by now what I think of gamblers.

I do believe you can make money on these, but only by ‘flipping’ before completion but obviously there are no guarantees with prices already so high. Incidentally, this market has seen an incredible amount of growth so that waterfront apartments are as expensive as central London, Sydney or New York. (Cross)

I feel that this market has been driven by paper gains rather than underlying fundamentals. I see this happen quite often, and it’s one of the reasons I deal in properties 99% of people would rent.

The final level is the 5 to 9 million Baht. So £70,000 – £130,000. This is the retirees’ and expats’ market. You would be more than happy with these houses. 3-4 Bedrooms, large open spaces, ensuites, parking and best of all – air conditioning.

These I feel would be ideal for investment and present your best opportunities. (Tick)

Rentals are great as a lot of major multinationals have offices in Bangkok and the expats are happy to commute up daily or it’s cheap enough to rent a place in Bangkok during the week while spending the weekend home in Pattaya. (Tick)

As an investor in Thailand the first thing you have to realise is that you cannot own land (Cross) so at present you have two choices: either buy in the name of a Thai company and have Thai nationals who own it (but you have a signed deed saying you can replace the Thai nationals at any time). It’s a reasonably secure way of buying.

The other way and the way that is becoming more accepted is a freehold/leasehold similar to what we are use to in the UK. A lot of new builders are structuring ownership this way property for sale in Phuket Thailand.

BUT… The Thai government has an unfortunate habit of changing laws so you may find yourself at the wrong end of a change. They made a decision early in 2006 that effectively stopped or severely curtailed foreign ownership (Cross) and the stock market began to spiral downwards so rapidly that they changed the law back by day’s end. This sort of government backpeddling is a potential warning sign. (Cross)

The problem Thailand faces is that the King is getting old and may one day pass the throne onto his young son who is renowned for irresponsible antics. So no one really knows just how he will take to the position of King or whether the people will take to him. This could cause an instability in the investment market. (Cross)

One of the biggest things overlooked when inexperienced investors seek out exotic new investment regions is how to get your money back. Oftentimes the capital growth is fantastic, so your £20,000 investment doubles and doubles again (so you now have £80,000). This is a paper profit until you actually sell it or remortgage it.

How Does Tuition Help Improve Grades?

You’ve heard others talk about the higher grades their children are receiving after attending tuition and you want the same thing for your child. You don’t understand how a tuition centre can help your child bring up their grades, but you know that they need help keeping up with their peers. Or perhaps they are already learning appropriately but you want to speed up the pace because you know they are very bright. Either way, a tuition centre can help.

How it Works

When a child enters a tuition centre they are assessed to determine what their learning capabilities and weaknesses are. The tuition program is designed to help them improve on their weak areas while they continue to excel at their strengths. They are encouraged to try new things, apply themselves fully, and think in new ways.

What is so great about tuition is material that a child finds very confusing can be presented in different ways to make it more understandable. Children are taught new ways to think about things so that their minds are opened and they take a new approach to learning.

Many children find tuition very fun. They love going to tuition because they are learning and experiencing success for the first time in their lives. As their grades improve and they see great improvements in their ability to learn they want to go back to the tuition centre more and more. This is a sign of improved self confidence and shows that they are capable of learning and actually enjoying the learning process.

Tuition Assignments Singapore is designed to help your child improve school performance. Your child will not be given easier work, but will be challenged to look at what they find difficult and conquer it. Whatever your child may be struggling with right now, tuition could help them figure out and move beyond.

Starting with Tuition

The hardest part about tuition is getting your child started. They may be feeling very bad about themselves from a long line of failures in their studies and they may be feeling like they can only fail. It is a bit leap to go from that low opinion of yourself into a tuition environment and come out on the other end filled with confidence and a sense of success.

It is difficult, but it can be done! It has already been done by many children in Singapore and around the world. It could happen for your child as well, no matter how low they may be feeling about themselves and their grades right now.

If your child is not making the grades you want them to make, tuition can help. If they are already on task with their peers but you know that they could excel even more, then they will be encouraged to become their absolute best through tuition. If they are really struggling to get good grades, tuition can make it easier and help them understand the lessons easier and faster.

All children benefit from the fun and educational environment of a tuition centre. It doesn’t matter what their struggles are or how long they have been struggling. In fact, if your child has been struggling for a long time the time to bring them to a tuition centre is right now. Don’t make them suffer anymore when success can be found through tuition.

Quick Weight Loss With Top 3 Diets

I have been keeping tabs on what is popular in the in the world of weight loss. In this article I am going to give you the scoop on the Top 3 most popular lose weight quickly diets that can help you slim down quick and get the slim, toned body you seek!

If you’ve been researching diets for fat loss online you’ve no doubt already found that the internet is thoroughly congested with trendy diet mess and unproductive over-hyped diets that make incredibly impractical promises about the level of weight loss results you can expect to reach by following them. Cutting through all of the confusion, hype, unrealistic promises and unconfirmed claims, these Top 3 quick weight loss diets have been chosen based on their reputation, uniqueness, endurance, ease of use, and their established track record of helping thousands of people globally to rapidly lose weight with permanent results and get the healthy, trim body they crave – no matter how heavy or overweight they were when they began their weight loss journey rapid tone diet weight loss.

Each of these diets are entirely distinctive and it’s up to you to decide which one will best fit into your daily life and which one will work best to deliver you the quick weight loss results you want. So here is a brief summary of each of the current Top 3 lose weight quickly diets that can help you shed fat fast:

Fat Burning Furnace

The Fat Burning Furnace diet fashioned by Rob Poulos is a weight loss program specifically intended to keep your metabolism running at its maximum possible level so your body will burn fat quicker. The diet segment of Fat Burning Furnace outlines the 15 best foods to eat in order to keep your metabolism running high, and the 15 worst foods you can eat. It also includes a sample meal chart for a day and you also get access to a website that provides plenty of recipes you can use with this system. The workouts provided are short but powerful, designed to raise your metabolic rate so that you burn more fat even when you are not working out in order to speed up your weight loss results. Using only hand weights, they take just 20 minutes per day, 3 times per week to complete – making them easy to fit into a busy agenda. Photos showing you exactly how to do the workout are included. Fat Burning Furnace is ideal for anyone who wants to discard fat quick and firm up their body to look and feel slim and sexy for life without having to vigorously exercise every day or for hours at a time. It is also ideal for people who have a demanding schedule and are looking for a simple lose weigh ob Poulos’ Fat Burning Furnace System has now sold over 80,000 downloadable units in 150+ countries around the world. Its bestselling status is attributed to the program’s high efficacy rate, thanks to the easy to follow, effective and healthy nutrition and exercise components.

The Fat Burning Furnace System advocates a healthy diet coupled with sensible food guidelines. You will also be provided with information on a secret dish that will speed up fat burning. It also has an exercise component based on your Resting Metabolic Rate.


FatLoss4Idiots is a flexible, straightforward lose weight quickly diet program that focuses on accelerated fat burning through the tried and true method of “calorie shifting”. Calorie shifting is purely a matter of revolving the food categories included in each of your meals (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc) so that you are continuously altering what you eat which in effect tricks your body into burning more calories. This quick weight loss diet is intended to help you lose 9 lbs in 11 days, this 11 days on/3days off lose weight quickly diet program provides step-by-step strategy on what foods to eat and exactly when to eat them in order to attain swift weight loss results. Best of all, rather than forcing you to live on very small amounts of foods that you hate, the FatLoss4Idiots menu creator produces a modified menu for you to follow based on the chosen foods you prefer. You can also choose between a vegetarian or regular diet plan. FatLoss4Idiotsis ideal for anyone who wants a flexible, clear, lose weight fast diet plan that effortlessly fits into their current way of life. And it’s particularly great for hard to please eaters!

FatLoss4Idiots is a weight loss fitness program. Not only does losing weight provide the individuals with an improved body image, but more importantly, a healthier body and mind will be the result. Of course, to lose weight and get into shape is a lot easier said than done. However, there is good news; FatLoss4Idiots will assist you in getting around this problem. The program is engineered to give you everything you need from tools, tips and advice to lose weight.

Promotional Models Are Becoming Celebrities

Promo girls are seen and treated like celebrities Naked Instagram Models. When a team of promotional models show up to an event watch the crowd form and flashes from their cameras will start to appear.

They are greeted with cheers and guys are lining up to get their picture taken and promotional items signed by beverage promotional models.

The amount of attention a promo girl gets is why thousands of girls are signing up everyday to become one. I thought most of the girls that wanted to join my team was only for the money ( which is over $40 per hour) but most say its for the attention they get.

The majority of girls that are promo girls are aspiring models and actresses.

Promotional modeling gives these girls a great opportunity to make money to pay the rent while they hone their acting and modeling skills. Promotional modeling boost the girls confidence and allows them to make great contacts while working.

My company receives over a thousand applications a week from women all across the globe.

The reason Boost Sales and Marketing gets so many girls applying is because BSM is a beverage consulting firm and pays its girls more than any other promotional modeling agency.

Doing a beverage promotion will pay more money than doing a promotion for dove soap. Beverage marketing firms need to hire attractive women because the brand they are representing is trying to create and provide a lifestyle to their male consumers. This is the reason you always see attractive Miller, Coors and Corona Promo Girls.

The men that alcohol beverage companies are targeting fantasize about possessing an attractive model. By having a beautiful seductive girl attached to these brands makes it more likely to gain the loyalty of their targeted consumer.

If you are reading this and think you have what it takes to become a promotional models for a major beverage company. Then stop reading and head over to my site and apply.

Advantages of Online Learning

Distance education or Distance Learning has come a long since it revolutionized the way education reached people and more advancement is only to be expected in our technology driven world. Distance education began even before computers and terminals could be hooked up to networks and classrooms beamed live from anywhere in the world.

Online education experts are finding ways to overcome the perceived disadvantages of online learning or e-learning as it is more commonly known. As technological developments evolve from day to day, it may continue to add more advantages to students.

There are many obvious advantages that go with e-learning. The three distinct categories that these advantages can be slotted under are:

Flexibility and Convenience

1. Ease of accessibility: Students can access e-learning courseware whenever they need it to review notes, lectures, discussions and demos. Community learning is also facilitated when students share notes with one another Online Geld Verdienen.

2. Flexibility: Since all that a student needs is a computer and Internet access to log in to study material, this is a very convenient option for professionals, working students and others to ‘attend classes’ without disrupting their work schedules.

3. Range of options: Some online colleges have been known to develop programs that are not offered by regular institutions giving students a wider reach of degree programs.

4. Study time control: Unlike on-campus courses that are typically slotted in rigid formats for classes and study time, online learning provides options to pause lessons if needed and extend study times as found convenient.


1. Money saver: Students can save money by having the advantage of not physically attending classes. Online learning cuts down on transportation and incidental expenses like babysitting, housekeeping etc. in the case of parents and homemakers.

2. Fewer expenses on textbooks: some online learning classes do away with physical textbooks making available reading material through libraries or digital publishers. E-textbooks provide substantial savings to students.

Student enrichment

1. Interaction: Online learning is less intimidating than a regular classroom giving options for every voice to be heard and ideas shared thus helping interaction between students.

2. Online communication: This provides a more comfortable option for students to talk openly with instructors and counselors rather than face-to-face. Online communication also cuts down on time otherwise spent on physical meetings depending on availability of people.

3. More time to absorb study material: A U.S. Department of Education study finds that positive results are gained by students opting for online courses. The study notes that students learning online spend more time to understand material and tasks than those in a regular classroom setting.

Exterior Home Painting

When looking to purchase a new home we often can easily envision our couch filling the living room and our family crowded around the dinner table during the holidays. It seems very simple to change the inside a home to fit your needs and style, but what about the exterior? What can one do to update and renovate the outside of a home to make sure it fits with their particular needs and styles? The answer is exterior home painting.

No matter what type of material covers your home, it can be customized through a variety of paint colors and options. Many painting companies offer more than just painting services; if your house is covered in wood paneling it can be re-stained the same color or a darker shade to meet your needs. Siding and brick can be painted to adjust the look of the home to complement your landscaping and the look you are trying to achieve. While it doesn’t seem like it, a coat of paint or stain can go a long way in updating the look of your home and making sure you enjoy every part of the place you call home. Many companies also offer deck or porch painting as well, which allows you to make sure the home and its outdoor living spaces match in color and flare.

It is suggested to use professional painting services, especially for the outside of your home, mainly for the convenience factor. Climbing up ladders, finding the correct paint color, and trying to fit the time into your busy schedule can be a task in itself, so hiring professionals is a convenient way to ensure the job gets done, and gets accomplished correctly. Professionals also have access to the proper tools and equipment that will make the project a quick and painless experience while you can be assured that you get an exceptional result. Professional companies also know what type of paint to use for different building materials and be sure to use products of correct quality. The generic brands you can easily find at the store often do not provide the results and lasting effect that higher quality products will. Also, before painting the house needs a thorough high pressure washing, a tool that many normal homeowners do not have access to. While it may not seem like a terribly important step a proper cleaning is imperative to achieving the wanted result.

Often homeowners choose not to do utilize professional painting services due to the fact that costs are much higher. However, considering all the supplies that must be purchased, painters Melbourne including equipment rental costs, professional services are very reasonable. Furthermore they offer the peace of mind that the job will be done correctly (be sure to choose an insured company) and not fade too quickly or need to be redone because of errors. Ask questions and do your research to find the best company for your needs and before long you too can be the proud owner of a fully finished home with great curb appeal!

How to Increase Your Ticket Sales With Promo Codes

At present, marketing plays an important role in making your products likeable among the target audience and in selling them. Among the various marketing tools used across the globe, promo codes are a popular and important one. These have become one of the leading tools to boost up your event ticket sales. According to the experts of the event industry, generating promotional codes for event ticketing can bring a steady stream of revenue months before your event begins. Various modes of online marketing are gaining ground and using promo codes as a new addition to the list. Here are 5 tips, which event organizers can use for improving event ticketing sales by offering promotional code discounts.

Get an Idea about Your Tools

Promo codes are generated to offer a price discount on selected tickets of an event. As an organizer, you have to decide how and when to set the codes to influence your overall ticket sales. With the event registration software, you can easily generate your own promo codes when required. A competitive, intuitive, and user-friendly online ticketing system should have these tools integrated in them. It enables you maximize your marketing efforts and enhances your revenue rapidly.

Accessing the reporting features in your online ticket provider, you can monitor the usage of a specific code and the total revenue it is capable to generate. Using this information, you can improve your marketing strategies during the entire planning process and even after that.

Accessing Media & Track Results

Promo codes are essentially designed for the media so that it can help you attract large-scale audience. You can add promo code to a specific print ad, commercial, radio spot, or partner website. Promo codes in the media can be of excellent help for increasing your pre-sales revenue and measuring your success with the networks, stations, or publications. A well-written advertisement, with a web address and simple promo code, is sure to reap maximum benefits from your investments. However, you need to create a code, which is easy to remember.

Build a Database and Replace Paper Coupons

Now-a-days, paper coupons are replaced by the online promotional codes. In recent years, the print ads are accompanied by a promotional code with a referral to your website. By doing this, you can motivate your customer to buy products online at the best available price. It also allows you to eliminate the hassles associated with processing paper coupons. It also helps organizers to build up a stronger database for future marketing campaigns.

Announce Discounts Well in Advance

You must start your promotional code campaign well in advance to boost your ticket sales. Announce your discount rates as early as possible and gradually minimize the savings as your event approaches. In addition, you need to have a consistent “rollout” of codes, which are to be released on regular intervals.

Social Networking & Newsletters

Promo codes bring excellent results when promoted through social networks and newsletters. Organizers with limited marketing budgets can use social media to post their promo codes at relatively no cost. Moreover, the growing popularity of the social media helps making your promo code viral in no time, thus ensuring rapid boost in your ticket sales. For example, you can write on your event page, like “Use this code before it’s too late!”. This is likely to enhance the chances of increasing sales for you and thus, maximize ROI.

Use your online promo codes today to boost the ticket sales of your next event.

10 Things You Can Do With a USB Drive Other Than Store Data

A USB Drive is known for carry data, be it music, photos, documents, videos, etc. But there’s a whole other side to these handy little gadgets. Take a look at these 10 ways that a USB drive can be used for more than just storing data.

1. Run portable applications (just like your smart phone)
Portable apps are becoming more and more popular everyday and businesses are starting to see the benefits of using them internally and externally to market their products. USB drives are perfect devices for these applications. For instance, OpenOffice, which is a complete office suite that contains a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing software and database, is available as a portable app. Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird offer portable web navigation as portable applications. If you take these tools, namely the ability to check your email, surf the web and be able to use a full office suite, in combination with the mobility of a USB drive, you’ve given yourself the ability to redefine your office environment!

If you need more, you can choose a variety of other applications for use on a USB drive from Portableapps.com. You can even download an entire package of applications that include some cool tools like an audio player, games, antivirus utilities and a customizable menu system that is dedicated to your USB drive.

2. Boot an operating system
Some of us older geeks remember making thirty copies of a “boot disk” on old 3.5 floppy disks.

If you crash your hard drive and you can’t get into windows to fix anything or (worst case scenario) save any files to a safe location, you’ll need what is called a boot disk. Since it’s a pretty rare thing for a computer to have a floppy disk in it, you’re going to need a USB drive. Both Windows XP and Linux support creating USB drive boot disks; sorry Mac users, you’re gonna have to find a different option (more than likely costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars).

3. Install an operating system
Some of us newer geeks know that netbooks don’t have DVD-Rom drives, so there’s no way to install software that is on an optical disc (optical disc, HA!).

Now if you bought a new netbook or any computer system that doesn’t have a DVD-Rom drive, the only way you’ll be able to reload the computer with your operating system is install the OS from a USB drive. This is going to be a major thorn in optical disc manufacturers side for years to come (and may put them out of business) but is a sign of things to come for the USB drive.

4. Connect to a wireless network
As more of us are moving to wireless networks for our devices a USB drive is a must. Take, for example, my home. My wife and I have two laptops, a desktop, a netbook, a wireless printer, two smart phones, an Xbox 360, a wireless home theater system, and a PlayStation 3. All of these devices connect to our wireless network. I used a USB drive with our network settings to setup each of these devices to connect to the network. This saved me from writing down the network address, the security key and the network settings and then inputting these settings into each device. Pretty slick. To learn more about using the Wireless Network Setup Wizard, see the Help And Support Center, which is accessible from Windows XP’s Start menu. To learn more about using the Windows Connect Now feature, see Windows Help And Support, which is accessible from Windows Vista’s Start menu.

5. Create a password reset disk
I’ve noticed that more and more password protection systems are getting really tricky for you to create passwords that are easy to remember. Most of us have one word that is our standard password. But some systems require 7 characters, some require 8. Some need 1 number anywhere, some need 1 number at the beginning and at the end. Some really get out of control with 1 capitalized character, 2 numbers, no reapeating characters and on and on. It’s getting really tricky to remember passwords. Well a USB drive can become a password reset disk for a major one, your Windows User Account. Just plug in the drive to reset your password and your back into your system Top Tech Shifts.

6. Boost PC performance
If you’re running Windows 7 or Vista, you can use a USB drive to speed up your system with the ReadyBoost feature. This utility will use the space on a USB drive as a memory cache to compliment the memory cache on your hard drive. This works especially well because a flash drive is more responsive than a hard drive that has physical moving parts.

Using ReadyBoost is really pretty easy. Just plug in your USB drive into your system and click ReadyBoost at the prompt and then follow the instructions.

Taking The CCS Exam

CCS stands for Certified Coding Specialist. The CCS exam is conducted by American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). To take the exam you must have a high school diploma or equivalent credentials. The cost of taking the exam is $299 for AHIMA members and $399 for non-members. The exam has two parts. The first section has 60 questions that are multiple choice (although 10 are ungraded practice). Part two is actual coding scenarios and has 13 questions. The test is 4 hours long and you cannot work on part one after you have moved to part two ccs university result.

CSS Employment

CCSs are responsible for classifying medical information and patient data, usually in a hospital. These coders:

* Check patients’ records and use numeric codes for every procedure and diagnosis.

* Are experts in ICD-9 and CPT coding. (And soon ICD-10)

* Understand pharmacology, disease processes, and medical terminology.

CCS Exam Preparation

When preparing for the CSS exam make sure to check out the AHIMA website they have helpful info on scheduling exams, and preparation tips. When studying for the CCS exam you will find the books listed below helpful. They are all recommended by AHIMA and I was able to find them listed at the lowest prices on Amazon.

Medical coding requires having an education in this area. You need to know the terms that doctors use as well as what the codes mean so that you can appropriately bill people and insurance for the doctor’s service. This is a very popular job and there is an ever increasing need for people trained in this area to find work. This job can be done working from home or in the community.