Promotional Models Are Becoming Celebrities

Promo girls are seen and treated like celebrities Naked Instagram Models. When a team of promotional models show up to an event watch the crowd form and flashes from their cameras will start to appear.

They are greeted with cheers and guys are lining up to get their picture taken and promotional items signed by beverage promotional models.

The amount of attention a promo girl gets is why thousands of girls are signing up everyday to become one. I thought most of the girls that wanted to join my team was only for the money ( which is over $40 per hour) but most say its for the attention they get.

The majority of girls that are promo girls are aspiring models and actresses.

Promotional modeling gives these girls a great opportunity to make money to pay the rent while they hone their acting and modeling skills. Promotional modeling boost the girls confidence and allows them to make great contacts while working.

My company receives over a thousand applications a week from women all across the globe.

The reason Boost Sales and Marketing gets so many girls applying is because BSM is a beverage consulting firm and pays its girls more than any other promotional modeling agency.

Doing a beverage promotion will pay more money than doing a promotion for dove soap. Beverage marketing firms need to hire attractive women because the brand they are representing is trying to create and provide a lifestyle to their male consumers. This is the reason you always see attractive Miller, Coors and Corona Promo Girls.

The men that alcohol beverage companies are targeting fantasize about possessing an attractive model. By having a beautiful seductive girl attached to these brands makes it more likely to gain the loyalty of their targeted consumer.

If you are reading this and think you have what it takes to become a promotional models for a major beverage company. Then stop reading and head over to my site and apply.

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